Sunday, August 28, 2011

Leo is 7 months...where does the time go???

I could hardly believe it on Friday when I realized that 7 months ago I was in labor all day...and I am amazed that I actually pushed a 9 pound baby out too! Leo is changing so fast and we love every day with him.

He is getting very smart...and not just because his cousin Belle reads to him at the library! They both enjoyed that trip and I was happy to sit at the table and feed Leo puffs and read to Belle because they were both so good. She found a special baby book to read just for Leo...I didn't tell her that it was actually in Spanish and that I made up the words!

Leo loves playing and stuffed animals are definitely a favorite. Dad took him for a ride in his toy bin which he LOVED!
We aren't officially crawling yet, but Leo can often be found on his hands and knees. Sometimes when I go in at night when I hear him fuss he is asleep in this position!
Peekaboo! Like I told you, he is getting smart...
...which often gets him in troublesome situations like being stuck.
He likes to ruin my nice and neat DVD stacks.

Go Broncos!
"Monte" keeps him company on his changing table...
...while Bear (original, I know) gets to greet him from his naps. I told you he loves stuffed animals!
The boy loves to eat and will help you too...
...and he is great at holding on to his sippy by himself! I can hand him his cup when I am jogging and he can hold it and drink from it at his leisure now- it is great for us both!
Sweet potatoes are a favorite; I made them homemade for the first time just this week and he gobbles them up...and I am tempted by them too!
Leo is a great player and so far is pretty good at entertaining himself with a toy for a little while so I can do a little something. One of his favorite tricks right now is holding a toy in each hand and clanking them together. He is such a sweet boy; every time I hear him giggle I can hardly believe he is all mine! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm so torn on what to do when Leo naps. Part of me wants to just lay down next to him and snooze as long as he'll let me...this is a big part of me, especially since our nights haven't exactly been super restful the last little while. But then there is another part of me that wants to do the dishes, fold the laundry, etc. This part of me might not really want to do those chores, but loves it so much when they are done. Then yet another part of me just wants to craft or surf the web or something so frivolous that it is rarely done while Leo is awake...and still rarely done when he is asleep because the first part of me (the sleepy part) usually wins at the end of the day.

Anywho, so there you go. I just wasted ten minutes of Leo's precious nap time trying to figure out what to do and soon he will be awake and it won't be an issue any longer!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On a good note...

The last two days have been long- Nick started school and is gone again all day...nuts. Also, Leo hasn't had the best of nights and has been a bit more demanding than usual. Plus I have a deadline for work this week so I actually have things I need to do. Then there is the normal laundry and meal preparations and cleaning and such that should go on...not to mention we are still trying to set up house around here (yes the boxes are gone, but now I am figuring out where these shelves should really go and where that picture should be hung up, etc.) And if that isn't enough to gripe about, it has been well over 100* every day and my morning jogs are not joyous as they should be. Blah blah blah.

But I have gone to bed smiling...and you know why? It is because I have been corresponding with someone that signs each email with "your bicycle amigo" and it just makes me laugh. In our move I found a card from our tour guide from the mountain biking tour of Mazatlan, Mexico we took two years ago and I remembered him saying he would post pictures on his blog. I knew it was a long shot, but I checked the blog and he hadn't updated in a long time. I thought "why not?" and emailed him and asked if he had any of the pictures. Amazingly he emailed me back and is trying to find some for me...but mostly I just love that he signs each email "your bicycle amigo, Rudy". So on that note I am going to crawl into bed smiling and quickly sink into a deep sleep...that will undoubtedly be interrupted! :)

P.S. If I ever get any pictures I will share them...Nick and I wish for that cruise often! It was so much fun :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

The verdict on the tub

We left a beautiful, brand new, big garden tub in our old apartment. It was super deep and wide and had a perfect slant for taking a relaxing bath. My only complaint was that our water never seemed to stay hot enough to fill it very far and thus my baths were always a little chilly...not really cold, but I like my baths to be uncomfortably steaming, like where you can tell you have been in the bath because your skin is a different color. I'm pretty sure I got this trait from my dad. Anywho, baths in the big tub were never that hot.

I took a bubble bath in our new tub. To the naked eye it isn't that great- it is far from brand new, it is shallow, and the back slant is practically a 90* angle. However there is one redeeming feature of this bath gets super hot! My bath definitely turned my skin pink :) So while I can't honestly say I am super thrilled with the new tub, it isn't as bad as I was thinking! Wahoo! I foresee many nights when Leo goes to bed (hopefully) and Nick is studying (hopefully not!) that I will jump into the bath. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Leo's official 6 month post

Please ignore the watermark on these proofs, but they are too cute to wait for the real things to share with you! Isn't he adorable?

6 Month Stats:

20 lbs
27 inches

Leo has a great head of hair; it is often done in a mohawk. Sometimes I try to do a comb over, but it doesn't last long and he ends up looking like Shaggy from Scooby doesn't help that his hair hangs over his ears which drives me crazy! When do you cut a baby's hair?

He is also a really great car rider...for the most part he doesn't mind getting in the car and running errands. Sometimes he falls asleep, but lately he has been enjoying looking around a little bit more. We are grateful that we only moved an hour away- that trip to see Grammie and Grandpa is so doable!

Leo is a great eater too. So far he doesn't care for squash (who can blame him) but likes peaches (duh!), green beans, and sweet potatoes. And he LOVES his oatmeal- yummy! He can drink out of a bottle, a sippy, a spouted (but not sippy) cup, and a regular cup (it is a little messy still but he is getting pretty good!) He can't wait to have a drink each night out of the giant cup we use to rinse him off in the bath...what a nut! I just moved him up to 3 meals a day this past week and so far everything seems good.

This is his default pose- sucking that bottom lip. He is definitely getting more mobile. He rolls over both ways now and almost sits without support. He has always been into standing and now is no exception! Often we will try to pull him up to a sitting position but he just goes straight to standing.

His arms are wild- he grabs at everything! Beware if you try and hold him...I will not be held responsible for pulled out hair, missing earrings, broken glasses, etc. He loves to shake anything that he can get his hands on; it is so cute to see him figure out his wrist and twist it from side to side. Spoons (like the picture above) makes some of the best does paper. He loves to hold paper and I have found a little piece of it in his mouth then and again- oh brother! Going to get the mail with me each day is a highlight. :)

He really is so cute and happy most of the time. We have been having a difficult week or two with him as we are so off any sort of schedule and his ability to sleep through the night and nap in the day have gone out the window...but that is a whole other post! He loves to laugh and I can't help but feel like everything is worth it when I hear him giggle. Playing is so fun with him at this stage! We feel so lucky every day that he is our boy- what a joy he is! :)

*Yes, I know all of these pictures are small but beggars can't be choosers! All of these pics (except the proofs) are off my phone which was the only working camera I had for awhile...*