Thursday, June 6, 2013

My 2 favorite boys

Quality photo it is not, however this moment was my favorite moment from today.  Leo woke a little early, Nick was running a minute late...and magic happened.  Leo idolizes his dad and talks about him all day; he definitely misses him at work all day.  Some mornings Leo wakes just in time to wave goodbye as Nick leaves for work...and some evenings he is in bed before Nick even gets breakfast together is a rarity and Leo was thrilled.  I am so appreciative of the good father Nicholas is and love that he loves to play with Leo just as much as Leo loves to play with him.  Leo will tell you all day long that he and Dad are "best buds".  I love these two!

RECAP! Easter and more...

I have been neglecting our poor little blog...and I am making it my mission to update this month!  Let's recap a little bit...

We had an Easter egg hunt at Grammie's house and celebrated Isabelle's 7th birthday.  The kids had fun finding eggs and we ate a yummy Birthday cake in the shape of an egg per Belle's request.  Too bad I forgot to take a picture once we sliced into was four pastel layers and so festive.

We also had an egg hunt with our new playgroup friends.  It was one of those "you bring a dozen filled eggs and then your child gets to find a dozen eggs" kind.  So I explained the rules to Leo and all of the other moms were amazed when Leo went around hunting for eggs, counting each one, and then stopping once he had 12 in his basket (mostly blue).  What can I say...the kid is a genius! :)  

For Easter Grammie and Grandpa gave Leo a lawnmower...he quickly took to it!  He had been loving his cousin Livi's bubble mower for awhile and so he was thrilled to have one of his own.  He still loves to mow the lawn and every time Nick goes out to mow he wants to go out and help.  

Definitely more to come...I feel super bad that Leo will be 2 1/2 shortly and I haven't even blogged about him being 2 and all that he could do at that age.  Oh well...I may not have it documented, but at least it was because I was living it with him right? :)

Oh and p.s. Our grass looks better has taken time but it is definitely getting fuller and more green.  Wahoo!