Monday, September 29, 2014

Welcome to the world sweet baby JUNE!

Part One

Well she is 6 weeks old and I have been wanting to document her birth story for weeks while it was still fresh...but having 2 kids is a little bit of an adjustment!  Better late than never right?  (Oh and by the way...did I ever even post that we were expecting???  I can't really remember...ah to be the second child!)

Some other day I will have to write some of my feelings about her pregnancy...I had plenty this time around ;)  But I want to write down her delivery more while it is fresh.  I went back and read Leo's on my blog a bit ago and remembered so many things I had forgotten.  You think you will remember!

August 7th

Go in for an appointment...figuring that since I almost went to the ER a few days before because I thought we may be in labor that we would definitely be having her soon.  3cm dilated and carrying a ton of water, not to mention measuring at 40 weeks already even though they have me down at 37.  Doctor agrees with me that it is time and tells me we will induce in the morning.  I feel relieved and excited and head to my car with the good news...but then they call me back in and say that my doctor consulted with a specialist at the hospital and they advised to not induce yet because I am not 39 weeks (to HAD been 39 weeks since my last period but they pushed my gestational date back 2 weeks after the first ultrasound...just like Leo).  So they send me to the hospital for a nonstress test and tell me to put my feet up, take it easy...

August 11th

My grandma's birthday so I'm really hoping today is the day.  I go in for another appointment and nonstress test...nothing much has changed.  I feel like she is going to fall out and am SUPER miserable...I plead with the doctor to induce me but now since now "polyhydramnios" is written on my chart and they won't touch me until I at 39 weeks on their chart.  They tell me to hang in there and go home and put my feet up.  Yeah, right.

It was a long week after that.  I try everything I can to self-induce (short of drinking castor oil) but mostly just end up tired and sore from so much walking.  Sleeping was a joke and I was trying to talk myself in to believing that I really was going to have to wait until the 18th when they would induce me to meet my little girl while still holding out hope that she was going to arrive any minute.

August 17th

I go to church...I really don't want to, but I haven't had the baby yet so what else do I do?  I am uncomfortable all throughout Sacrament, have periods where I realize I am holding my breath in Sunday School because I am in pain, and barely make it down the hall when we split into our classes in Young Women's.  By the time I find Nick after church I tell him it is time to go to the hospital.  I wasn't sure that it was really time, but I was miserable enough at that point to go find out.

We went home and got Leo a snack while we grabbed our bags and then met my parents at the hospital.  They played with Leo (turns out he is a really great wheel-chair driver) while we go in and get checked out.  The nurse was not my favorite and was none too sympathetic.  Of course the pain was a little better by now, unfortunately, and we watch my contractions on the monitor come and go.  They weren't close enough together and so, since I had an appointment to be induced the next morning, they send me home.

We went to Amy's for dinner and then got Leo ready for bed there.  We tucked him into bed in her guest room for his much anticipated sleep-over and headed home, sad to say goodbye to our baby forever...we knew the next time we saw him he was going to seem like such a huge kid compared to his tiny baby sister. That was a long night.  And short all at the same time.  I actually slept fairly decently and woke at 4am to start getting ready to go check in to Methodist Willowbrook for our appointment to be induced at 5:30.