Monday, April 30, 2012

We are under the weather here.  Nuts.  I was hopeful it was a new tooth or six making a debut (he has got to get them soon right?  He only has 6 still!) however when I got the cough and sore throat, etc. I figured that we both have the same thing.  At least Nick hasn't caught it...yet.  I'm sure he is waiting for finals next week :)

In other news, I'm on day one of the Special K can't hurt, right?  Lots of the baby weight came off without much effort...then with just a few pounds to go the scale started going the other way and hasn't looked back since no matter how much I exercise or skip treats or what.  Guess it is time to do something drastic, although I hate that because it is terribly inconvenient to change.  Oh well...gotta do something different to get something different!  So I'm doing this little challenge for two weeks to break up with food and then we'll go from there.  We have been trying harder lately to eat well and I was proud of myself that at least half of my grocery cart today was produce...oh how I wish I could garden!  Someday I am going to have a big garden :)  But for now I can at least buy a lot of produce!  (p.s. Bought the first watermelon of the season today!  Yum!  I think I have already eaten like 1/4 of the monstrous thing!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White Sandals Anyone???

Is anyone in desperate need of a pair of white espadrilles? Women's size 8?

I bought #6 above in white last year...I talked myself into them thinking I should be more practical (i.e. lower heels) about my espadrilles since I was toting a baby everywhere last summer. You know what happened? I can count on one hand how many times I wore them. There is nothing wrong with them...they just weren't "me" and I didn't feel great in them. Bahumbug.

I hate to part with them since they are still so new, however I realistically am never going to wear them- I didn't last year when they were my only pair and this year I have already bought a new pair that is much more "me"...yes, they have higher heels. :) So it would really help me out if someone I knew really needed them...then I would definitely not feel so bad about cleaning them out of my closet!

Any takers???

Monday, April 2, 2012

True Story!

I didn't even think to take a picture at the time, so you will just have to take my word on this.

Nick, Leo and I were taking a walk on Sunday morning. We were almost home- as in just a few cars away from ours in the parking lot- when Nick spotted a bird on the hood of a was flailing. Upon closer inspection we noticed that it was stuck in the little crack between the hood of the car and the side/body of the car, about a foot or so down from the windshield on the passenger side.

What to do???

I am no lover of birds, but it isn't in my nature to just pass up an animal in need either. I happened to have the mail in my hands so I tried to nudge it a little with the mail- yep, lots of flailing and it was really stuck. I am pretty sure I jumped each time it started to flap its wings, but I still couldn't think of leaving it.

So I went to my car, found a shirt in the "drop off to goodwill one of these days" bag, and wrapped it around my hand so I could touch the thing...because birds have diseases and stuff, right? Nick commented "Where is a vet student when you need one?" which is so funny because A&M is known for its vet school and we know plenty of vet students around here. I tried to grab the bird- it flailed and I jumped. Then it actually went to the bathroom on the car...guess I wasn't the only one who was nervous!

With a bird audience and Nick restraining Leo from running into the road, I tried again. I'm not sure what my plan was- pull its leg out? The bird flapped and flailed and I jumped...again. Just then I figured out how to get it free- if I could get it to slide up the crack all the way to the windshield then it could fly free...much better plan than just yanking its leg out somehow.

So for the third time I tried to grab the bird; and this time it let me. I carefully slid it up and before you know it the bird was free and flew over to a bush about 10 feet away. I could see as I was doing it that its ankle was red and probably broken, but it flew so I am assuming it is okay.

Anywho, so there you have it! It was quite an amazing thing to encounter and I can honestly say I am not sure if I could do it again, but I just couldn't pass that stupid ugly bird trapped like that! Hopefully that means I have good karma* for awhile :)

*(Side note- I don't...because today my car battery died! Thank you Dad and the nice people at AutoZone who helped me fix it.)*