Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So we bought a house.  And started a job.  And Leo was sick.  So basically blogging has been at the absolute bottom of the list...but take this as a good sign that I am finally catching up in life enough to sit down and type for a minute!  (Warning: totally random...I'm sure this isn't cohesive, but I am starting somewhere!)

Leo had a fever that I just couldn't get to go away without tylenol...after a couple of days- one of which he was super lethargic- we went in to the pediatrician to find that he had a mild ear infection and a cold, not the flu.  Poor guy.  He always slept fine...except the napping which is a whole other story and luckily has improved lately. 

He isn't supposed to have his "nuk" except when he is in his crib so sometimes when it is quiet I come upstairs and find that he has pulled everything out of his bed.  He thinks he is SO sneaky!

This is one of my favorite shots lately.  Unfortunately the only pictures I ever take are on my phone so it isn't the greatest quality, but I just absolutely adore these two boys watching Cars.  We have definitely come to look forward to the weekends now that Nick goes to work all day every day!

It took forever to convince Leo to put these slippers on his feet- he has a real preference when it comes to what he wears on his feet that I contribute completely to his father :)  So when he finally put the football slippers on I had to get evidence.  And since he was sick Leo has gotten used to sitting on my bed to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning.  He has a special order the blankets go on his lap...I don't care- I am just happy I get to shower in peace!  Is it impressive or sad that I can shower AND get ready in one episode???

Here is our house.  I need to be better about taking pictures I know, but here is the outside for those of you who keep asking for pics!  (It's okay...I like blogs with pictures better too.)

And a few of our improvements so far... the entry way finally got our keyholder thing hung up and I hung a mirror in the little hallway by our room.  I know these don't seem impressive but just know that I have done it all myself!  Nick is busy at work and gets to come home to something new almost every is a slow process, but a fun one too.

You can't really see it well, but I love the rug in the half-bath downstairs.  It in theory matches the living room that it is right next to...someday...if it ever gets decorated.  And this little closet is Koshka's space...unfortunately we have a litterbox!  Again, I know it doesn't look impressive but I hung those shelves myself- I hated not being able to put things in there but didn't want to pile things up on the floor so I could vacuum the litter quickly.  In fact I put that carpet down myself too...trying to keep the litter contained.  I have really come to love our little tool set. :)

Our bathroom got new towels and hooks and a long mirror...hung by yours truly and A LOT of help from Leo.  I can't keep him away from the power screwdriver!  I am just happy we don't have holes in our walls...yet.

And here is his room...we are getting ready to paint stripes but he only lets me tape a little before his "help" becomes just too much and we go play instead.  Someday I will get it all taped...and then painted.  At least I have started.  The same goes for our draperies in the living room...two 6 yard panels.  Yikes.  The bolts of fabric have been sitting in the dining room forever and I finally have just made myself start the process.  Sometimes it seems too overwhelming so I don't want to start because I know I won't be able to finish before I get interrupted...but I have got to start somewhere and am learning how to start a project and then not finish it right away.  It's a slow process but we are loving having a home to do with as we please :)