Tuesday, April 21, 2015

June, 8 months

Mom fail. Getting back on the blogging bandwagon has been hard!  It never seems that I am on the right device to blog with my pictures when I have a free minute...there has to be an app for that!  Anyway, I really want to update about June since I often look back at my blog to see what Leo was doing when he was June's age...and I won't be able to do that with her!  Poor second child.  Here we go...

 June.  What a doll!  She really is the sweetest baby and I could just squeeze her all day!  She is as happy as can be and very smiley almost all of the time.  It is hard to feel bad when you are out in public with her because everyone sees her, smiles, and then looks at you.  So nice to have pleasant smiling faces everywhere I go!

She has the same long-on-top hair she was born with but man is it blonde!  It has gotten lighter and lighter.  She has figured out how to pull her pony tail out :(  I still put one in (multiple times usually) every day though because otherwise her hair looks kinda funky...to me at least.  Plus she kinda doesn't even look like herself to me when I don't!
One of the only times I have really seen her frown!

June is moving.  Not technically crawling on all 4's yet, but she can get anywhere she wants with her army crawl and rolls.  She gets up on her hands and knees though and rocks and stuff but then drops down to actually try and go anywhere.  It won't be long now.

She has just barely learned how to sit up by herself and likes to practice. (Meaning she is barely learning how to get into that position by herself...she started sitting unassisted the very day she turned 6 months!) It is so cute when she has done it and is so proud.  She is also just barely starting to clap too.  And she can kind of wave somewhat on demand now too.

June could eat Cheerios all day long.  She loves to feed herself and likes puffs, Cheerios, and bits of bread. She has done cut up grapes, avacado, cheese, banana, and a few other random things, but she is like her momma and really just prefers a good old carb if she is going to snack :)  She has gotten the hang of the sippy cup recently too and that has been really nice to be able to give her a drink in the car and stuff.

Our little girl babbles quite a bit.  She loves to say "dadadada" most but will also say "mamama" and "bababa" regularly as well as some other sounds here and there.  When she gets over tired she really gets talking loud I just found out!  And she has a little squeal when she gets excited, like when Nick gets home, that is just too cute.

Sometimes she gives kisses that is mostly just like completely chewing on your face.  And boy does she love Leo!  He loves her and she loves him and they already have this fun bond that is just so neat to watch.

June really loves to play with balls and can often be found with one or more in her hands.  She even holds them while she army crawls.  She also likes to try to eat paper, is good about putting her nuk in when she wants it, and likes the swing at the park.

At the moment June is sleeping well.  Her naps aren't amazing, but I think that is just how my kids work...not to mention she is the second child which means her napping opportunities aren't quite as golden as child number one's.  She sleeps pretty well most nights and is happy for Nick to come get her about 6:30 each morning.  She likes her bed and falls to sleep easily when I nurse her.  I just read about Leo at 8 months and it sounded like we had a harder time getting him to sleep through the night so I am not going to complain about our occasional disruption.

June has the tiniest feet!  Always has but it is funnier now that her legs are starting to fill out a little bit more.  She is so fun to get all dressed up and looks adorable no matter what due to her near-permanent smile.  I always tell her "happy girls are the prettiest" and she seems to be taking it to heart :)  She doesn't have any teeth yet but boy are her smiles precious!

She really just makes everything in our life so much more fun and happy. We are so glad that she is in our family!  These last two pictures were taken the actual day she turned 8 months.  We happened to be in Utah for my Uncle Hal's funeral and stopped in to see my Grandpa.  We couldn't resist getting a picture of 4 generations! :)