Saturday, May 16, 2015


So my family has this tradition to camp on Easter weekend...but we haven't done it in awhile.  We decided this year to revive the tradition but by the time we did there were no available camping spots left anywhere near us!  Early spring is a great time to camp in Texas before it gets too hot and every one else had the thought to take advantage of the long weekend like we did.  Oh well...we opted for plan B since we had already told the kids and loaded up our camping gear and headed to Grammie's house.

We decided that Grammie had the best camping spot anyway with clean bathrooms and great food!  The kids thought is was great fun to pitch a tent in the back yard and they, along with Nick and Ben, slept out there all night.  June and I slept inside since she had an ear infection and wasn't sleeping great anyway...I was worried about her waking Leo in the night but I don't think I needed to worry as he was the LAST one to wake up in the morning!  He sure played hard and was TIRED!

We had a great fire, as usual, provided by Grandpa and a traditional Easter ham dinner (but served up camping style outside!) on Friday night and a yummy French toast casserole and s'mores cones I had wanted to try on Saturday morning since I was in charge of breakfast.  We also had sundaes and watched a movie on the Cosby's outdoor screen. The kids were in heaven!

I just had to get a picture of Leo loving Livi...he just can't keep from hugging her!  Saturday morning we couldn't wait for Grammie's Easter egg hunt.  The kids were very patient for us to get a picture first, and then they ran like crazy to gather those eggs!

This year Grammie had tried something new- in some of the eggs were numbers and she had that many prizes laid out.  Whoever got number 1 got first choice, and on and on.  Leo was THRILLED that he found #1 and got to choose the bubble gun that he had been eyeing...and then picked a Sonic gift card and a Walmart gift card.

Saturday afternoon we loaded up and headed home.  We watched some General Conference while cleaning up and getting ready for the Easter bunny.  Leo was already in bed when we remembered we needed to leave a carrot out for him, so we tiptoed downstairs and left a few and a treat for him.  The kids were very happy to wake up and find their baskets full by the front door :)

Leo loved helping June go through her basket as well as his own.  They each got a book, some new clothes, jammies, and plenty of treats!  The Easter bunny even brought Mom and Dad some new flip flops and a dress shirt, respectively.  We celebrated while listening to Conference together and having crepes.  So fun to have holidays and traditions to share together!