Sunday, June 19, 2011

It has begun...

Well I officially started packing this evening. Nick had brought home a few boxes from work and we finally brought them up from the car tonight. I thought I could just start packing up a few of the non-essentials...I mean we aren't really moving for another month or more but I've got to start packing up sometime, right? Especially with Leo occupying most of my daylight hours and a trip planned in just over a week!

I started with some of the books on our bookshelf...we have a lot of books. Then I moved on to the decorations I have above our kitchen cabinets...the real frivolous stuff. It looks so sad and bare now! It isn't like I thought I was going to win any apartment-decorating awards or anything, but it sure feels less like a home and more like a dumb apartment now. I took most of the photos off the wall in the living room too just to fill the box I was working on and so now it is really looking sad in here.

I'm going to need a ton of boxes. Really, you never think you have that much until you try to pack it all up! Then there are going to be all the trips to move all of those millions of boxes (not to mention furniture!) I would say it is depressing except that we are excited for a change, a little bigger space, and we are moving into a first-floor apartment. Plus this apartment (3rd floor) has an elevator! Lucky! Still it will be moving in the July Texas heat. And unlike when we moved in, things aren't tucked in nice and neat in their original boxes. Sigh.

So if it seems that there is less blogging (and by that I mean adorable pictures of Leo) than normal in the next few weeks, it is probably because I am trying to make sense of everything we own...minus a few things that are being stored at our parents' homes...thank goodness for that!

Wish us luck!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Leo had rice cereal tonight! I got it on video, but didn't snap any someday when I figure out how to make my video camera do what I want I will share the video. Basically he was cute as always- he opened up wide when he saw that spoon coming and wanted to eat but was a little confused when it actually got in his mouth. He did really well though and was happy to try it! And although I love nursing him and plan to continue for awhile (everything I read says that it is best if you can do it for 12 months and so that is our plan), I am so happy he is eager to try food out!

He tried a sippy cup out last week and now thinks he can drink out of the cup we have in the bath to rinse him off with...which is pretty funny since it is like half the size of him! That doesn't stop him from trying though. I'm not sure he has really gotten anything out of the sippy cup yet, but he likes to gnaw on it at least for now.

So that is the excitement around these parts for now! Go Leo!