Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday, Vernon Household!

I turned 24 on the 7th; Koshka turned 1 on the 14th; Nicholas turns 27 on the 24th. It has been a busy month of celebrating here at the Vernon household...and someday soon I promise to report more and upload pictures!

Until then...HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICHOLAS! I love you mucho and can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Astros vs. Rockies

Nick finally decided what he wanted to spend some of his Christmas money on- tickets to a Rockies game! They were only playing in Houston a couple of days all year and none of them were really convenient days for us, however it just worked out that I managed to get a Thursday off work and we headed down to Minute Maid Park.

The game was great- Rockies won :) Our seats were pretty high, but it was a good view and so we forgot that we were going to move down (it wasn't full at all!) Of course my favorite part of a game is the treats...Nick had a hot dog and I had a baked potato with bbq on it and I had brought tootsie pops for us for dessert.

The roof was open and it couldn't have been a nicer night- we even got the giveaway for being there early (laptop sleeves with the Astros logo on it...of course Nick wants to put a Rockies patch on it instead!) It was a great evening and we had a great time. Someday I will take Nicholas to a Rockies game at Coors Field....but for now, this did the trick! :)