Monday, September 9, 2013

First Dental Visit!

My hopes of catching on my blog are seeming more and more at the moment I am giving up and just moving forward.  Hopefully this will help me to record what is going on more regularly :)

Today Leo had his first dental check up.  We went to Dr. Andersen as he had come highly recommended by the Cosby girls.  Leo was all about it- he didn't seem nervous and told me before we got there that he "loved the dentist".

When we were walking in he said "Mom, you are brave at the dentist?" to which I said "Yes" and that was it.  He loved the toys in the waiting room and was almost disappointed that we only waited like 2 minutes.

A super friendly Texas hygenist let Leo look at all of her tools and then he let her "tickle" his teeth and get a drink from her super cool water gun.  She let him pick a new toothbrush and then we waited for about one minute for the dentist.

He told Leo he was going to count his teeth and Leo was happy to open wide.  Dr. Andersen assured us all was well and said his 2 year molars were no where in sight yet.  Sigh...more teething...wahoo.

Leo chose a kaledoscope out of the treasure box at first, but quickly reconsidered for a jump rope to "help me jump".  I'm not sure if he knows what to do with it but he sure jumps a lot while holding it! :)  We are glad that our first experience with the dentist is #1 a good one and #2 over!!!