Thursday, October 30, 2008

where did october go?

i posted on the first day of october and now it is next to the last day of the month! it must have been a busy month or something :) well, it did not help moving around so much with so little surety of internet connections!
i have been wanting to blog about the wedding and put up a few pictures, but the paper is a huge one this month which i am doing mostly by myself with a little scatterbrained help from didio and it is going to print way earlier than to say the least, i am a bit busy. we are staying at my parents while nick is interviewing for jobs so we can make sure the apartment we had our eye on is indeed a good is a bit annoying to still somewhat be living out of a suitcase and not getting to really open or use any of our new stuff, but i know it is even more frustrating for nick as he has been doing it for months and we are both just really grateful that we have somewhere to stay at the moment!
well, my download of the next bunch of pictures and files is done and now it is back to work!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Something is wrong with my right side!

I don't mean to be a complainer, but something is definitely wrong with me.  Now, no smart comments- I am serious!  I have just been really off and not great for the last week or two...fine, but not good.  
I will work from the top down.
My head has been pounding for weeks.  Now up until this point, a headache was a rare event in my life and would only last a few minutes at most.  For the last week, it is rare if I don't have a pounding headache.
My nose is still bleeding- kind of.  It bleeds when I blow and itches and is plugged when I don't.  It is really sore and raw on the right side.
Since last night I have had a pill stuck in my throat.  This was completely my fault...I didn't want to get out of bed to take the pill and so I took it with just a tiny swallow of water and I was laying down.  It kept me tossing all night as I can't really breathe if I am laying on my side.  I tried flushing it down with tons of fluids today, but mostly all it did was made me go to the bathroom every few minutes.  I even tried to melt it away by having a few cups of hot cocoa today...which isn't really ideal in 80 degree weather.  It has moved, but it is still stuck.
I have a toothache as well.  It comes and goes, but it is definitely there.  After all of last summer's dental work, I didn't even know it was possible to get any more cavities!
My arms and sore from today's workout- which is technically a "good" type of pain.  But still, it kind of adds to not feeling well when I can barely lift my arms.  
I have been nauseated most of today too.
My right knee hurts from running I guess- I usually wear my band on my left knee because my left one is the one that hurts more.  However the last few times I have been been wearing it on my right knee as it is starting to hurt it did not seem to help.
My right foot is also a this is a weird one.  I started dancing in my latin heels and running 5 miles each day at the same time and I think I may have caused a stress fracture on the outside edge of my right foot.  Amy and my mom are my witnesses that I really could not even walk last week...I limped behind them on our shopping trip to find wedding attire.  The saddest part is that I wore by ugly running shoes shopping because my only other option were flip flops and the shoe salesman at the mall wouldn't let me leave the store without seeing some shoes...I must have looked hideous!  I have started running on it again because I don't want to loose my endurance I just built up- plus has anyone forgot that I am going to have to fit in a wedding dress soon?  Most of the sharp pains in my foot are gone though.
So basically, that is my whining.  I know I have much good going on and that I should just suck it up, but I really just don't feel well and no amount of medication, rest, or fluids is helping!  
So on to the good things- I did have a fun time tonight at my last Arthur Murray party for awhile- it was Hector's birthday and we had a cake and learned to cha cha.  It is fun getting to know the staff and regulars...I am starting to feel like I fit!  I am getting married in two weeks and have a very sparkly ring.  Also, I am absolutely completely done with anything and everything dealing with wedding invitations...woohoo!  And I bought a new black purse...