Wednesday, November 25, 2009

As promised....

So I can't figure out how to rotate the movie...everything I try says I am not allowed and won't do it, so if you work on a Mac and know how to help me, that would be appreciated.  Otherwise just tilt your head to the left and enjoy this amazing feat.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween: Part 1

For Halloween at work we dressed up like the Flintstones.  I was Pebbles.  I cut and painted a shirt for a couple of dollars and bought a big rawhide bone and that was about it.  I was amazed that I actually managed to keep the bone in my hair with only my own hair wrapped around it and lots of bobby pins.
Koshka really enjoyed the bone afterwards :)
For the actual day of Halloween, Nicholas and I were in Las Vegas for a work event for me.  Stay tuned for that post.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A few more pictures of Koshka...

Make sure to scroll down to the next post for Koshka's story (pronounced with a long "o" like "kosher").
Koshka's shaved belly and wrapped up paws after her surgeries...there won't be any little Koshkas in the future and hopefully fewer scratches!
I love when she does the "superman" pose.
Looking so regal when I tried to snap a "family photo" one evening . (Yes she has a blue collar and she is a girl, but they were out of pink when I went to the pet store and she needed one before she went to get spayed/declawed!  She has a black one with a bow that we are waiting for her to grow into. )
She loves her furry bed...
...but sometimes Koshka isn't quite sure how to get comfortable...we all toss and turn, but this is serious! :)
She is a mommy's girl because she loves cuddling with "puppy" (my childhood blanket) almost as much as I do!
A morning ritual...waiting for us to shower!
A daddy's girl as well, she loves egg nog, cheese, marshmallows, and watching sports!

Our little addition!

it has been months (4 in fact) but I haven't posted on our little here it goes.  There was a student at the studio where I work that works in a vet office; they had come across some tiny abandoned kittens and were trying to find homes for them.  Of course she remembered previous conversations where I had told her I am more of a cat person than a dog person (my 
co-worker has 3 of each and we frequently talk about pets) she asked if I would like a kitten.  
Of course I would!  However, Nick and I had to talk about if we really thought it was a good 
idea right now.  Eventually I won when Nick saw pictures...he is kind of a sucker for our little girl!

Rachel brought her to us on July 14th- she was so tiny!  Barely weighing in at a pound, we tried to make her feel at home.  We discussed all sorts of names, but decided on Koshka which means "cat" in Russian.

She has been a joy for us- we love watching her play and grow!  She now weighs over five pounds and sure loves to play and jump...and then sleep a ton.  We weaned her off wet food (since she was only 4 weeks old 
when we got her and barely off a bottle) and have started to try to teach her tricks with some treats. Stay tuned for a video of her playing football!  She is definitely a part of the family-she sleeps right in between us on the bed (if not actually on us) and is offended each time we try to leave the apartment without her.  She is starting to be more independent and "cat-like", but she is still our little kitten and loves attention.  Despite the scratches and chewed through cords, we are so glad that she has come to join our family. :) 

(Side notes: She loves to chew on all things and quickly chewed through our home phone cord 
and ipod dock/alarm clock cord.  They are not cheap to replace!  Now we have all of our cords covered in those plastic cord-keeper things.

Another one of Koshka's eccentricities is that she loves water.  She often gets in the shower with us and will dive in if we ever take a bath.  In the picture above she is in the sink- I tried to get her out by turning on the water and she didn't 
move.  So I tried plugging it and letting the 
water fill up...still she was content to sit there!  Weird-o cat!)

(Pictures are as follows: Koshka and Daddy having a nap, loving dinner time!, her new bed, 
hanging out while Dad reads, she was so tiny when we first got her!, the picture we got of her before we got her...the one that turned Nick's heart into mush!, in the sink- like that parable of the frog that got cooked in the pot of boiling water!)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Husband of the Year Points

So I haven't been very good about keeping track of Husband of the Year points.  I give them all the time- Nicholas is a fantastic husband and my bff- but then when I go to put them on the blog I forget (or get lazy because I have to sign into a different gmail account to do them).  

I just wanted to document why Nick is a great husband though.  Tonight he brought me home Pumpkin Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory...a holiday favorite of mine that happens to be located right by his office.  Then he escorted me to the Cypress Market Night out in our front common area where there are all sorts of vendors set up- crafts, food, music, etc.  He not only let me but encouraged me to buy some jewelry I really some other various items.  

Speaking of Cypress Market Nights, this was our 2nd one and we knew what to expect this time.  I knew there would be a farmer's market selling fresh produce, so I was excited and prepared to buy some home grown veggies.  I am positive the green beans are going to taste amazing!

So that is all for now...I know nobody will comment because there aren't pictures, but there you go.  Cypress Market Nights are cool and I have the World's Best Husband. :)