Sunday, November 11, 2012

I sure hope we are NOT related!

Though I know Ben Franklin gets all the credit, the modern-day concept of Daylight Savings Time was introduced by George Vernon Hudson...and I am just saying that he better not be anywhere on my family tree because we are definitely NOT friends this year!  The whole time-change thing is great when you are in college or single or don't have kids...but it really bites when you have an almost 2 year old.  I am pretty sure that this week the first time I looked at the clock in the mornings the time starts with a "4".  So I lay in bed and let Leo talk til 5:20 or Nick gets up and takes his turn and I get to sleep another hour some still makes me grumpy and Leo grumpy.  Then I am frustrated that I am grumpy and not loving and patient and that makes me even more grumpy.  And this weekend we had 2 nights in a row with Leo in bed and built-in babysitters (we were staying at my parents') and we didn't go anywhere or do anything...we were just too tired.  That is lame.

I am hopeful that we at least get to sleep in til 6 soon so that when we go to Denver for Christmas we aren't getting up at 3-something.  Not only that- the kid is not his happy self when he is over-tired and try as I may I can't get him to nap longer than 90 minutes once a day...and no matter what time he goes to bed he still wakes up bright and early.  It is one of the greatest mysteries of the world to me...if kids are tired, why don't they just go to sleep???  Anywho, I just hope that I don't run in to Ben or George because it would not end well for them!  Here is to a better week :)