Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Pumpkins!

We have been preparing for Halloween for far too long!  Leo enjoyed wearing his pumpkin shirt from Grammie and shouting "Happy Halloween Pumpkins!" multiple times a day.  We had a window cling that said "Happy Halloween" with a bunch of pumpkins on it and he really loved it.

I was more concerned about picking out a pumpkin than Leo was, but he obliged me.  We didn't carve one this year but decorated a couple with stickers.  Leo really just liked trying to roll them.

We started off the Halloween festivities by going to the Cosby's neighborhood party.  It took Leo a bit to get into it, but I think he enjoyed it after a few minutes.

He really liked throwing the balls for one game...

...and mostly Nick and I just ended up running after them.  At least he found something he enjoyed!  

To celebrate on Halloween day we hit up Chipotle for their $2 "boorito" when in costume.  Leo wore his farmer outfit (the best we could come up with this year...the kid won't wear anything on his head so our costume choices were limited.  He has been really into all things farm lately so it was a natural, albeit simple, fit.)  Anywho, Nick went as a Chipotle burrito :)

I made a make-shift witch hat out of construction paper and a headband this afternoon so I could get a "boorito" too.  Naturally Leo didn't eat any of his but Nick and I enjoyed it!  Plus it was fun to see the other costumes while we were there.

Who knew Leo would LOVE trick or treating?  He had no hesitation about going up to any door, knocking, and saying "trick or treat".

He got all too comfortable reaching the in the bowl and grabbing a handful...luckily he has little hands!

Below is his first ever trick or treating experience!  You have got to love Texas hospitality too...everyone was so friendly and cute with him.

His bucket got heavy quickly and we ended up carrying it most of the time...and him a bunch of the time too!  I thought about taking his wagon to pull him in but we only hit up 13 houses...he is still pretty little after all and it was past his bedtime.  He had a really cute Halloween bag my mom had made, however I was worried he would end up dragging it and so we opted for the bucket tonight.

He kept asking for "more" after each house and couldn't wait to enjoy his first Twix and Smarties as we were still canvassing the neighborhood.

We are so happy that he really enjoyed this holiday- it is really fun to celebrate the holidays with a kid!

I was pleased that I didn't have to coax him to say "thanks" and he told every house at least once.  Sometimes he would say "Happy Halloween" and "bye" too...I know it doesn't seem like it and this subject is a whole other post, however Leo is super verbal.

Leo's favorite part was this light-up projection thing that had these firework/flower things spinning and rotating.  He could have stayed there ALL night!

We got him in bed just about an hour late, without a bath tonight.  He thoroughly enjoyed this Halloween and I am really excited to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with him this year!  And just for the record, Nick was so excited about going trick-or-treating with Leo tonight...far more than I anticipated.  It was cute to watch them :)  

And by the way he was the cutest farmer you've ever seen :)  Although I do hate when they figure out the whole "say cheese" thing because then all the pictures look like the above instead of a real smile.  Oh well.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Half way there?

Nick and I ran a half marathon together on Saturday.  It was okay, but not really what I was hoping for and since Nick is doing another one in just a few weeks I am now wondering if I should have signed up for a second chance too...I have til the end of the week to decide.  I'll keep you posted...and someday blog more about our race.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We are having a hard time...

Leo is seriously in a funk of some sort.  The kid won't sleep.  I'm tired...mostly mentally and emotionally.  We checked in with the Dr. today just to make sure all was well and he told me that Leo is in perfect health so we may just be getting into the "terrible twos" a little early.  Oh great.  Is that comforting?

Lucky for Nick, he has events the next two nights so I get to listen to Leo yell and scream and cry all by myself.  Wahoo.  Is there anything sadder than listening to your kid cry "mommy, mommy, mommy" for an hour?  I think not.  I know it is a little early but "bahumbug!"