Friday, March 26, 2010

Celebrate Good Times!

First off, thank you for everyone who commented on the last was great to see that there are actually other people that read our blog :) (And it cured my little fit I was having about never getting any comments!)
Nicholas and I have had a couple of great things happen at our jobs recently. First, Nicholas was awarded the Project Accountant of the Year Award for his office. They took his picture and sent out a big release. They also gave him a nice glass block, etched with his name, for his award along with a giftcard to a great chain of restaurants down here.
I was very excited (finally someone other than myself noticed all of the hard work and late nights!) and so I made a few signs for him to find when he came home :)
We celebrated with a toast of Martinellis cider (a leftover bottle from Katrina & Gordon's wedding!) Last week we went out to Texas Roadhouse with my parents to celebrate and Nick indulged in steak and ribs while watching March Madness...I think he is getting too spoiled! :)
I also had a big accomplishment at work this last week- I completed my Associate Bronze Instructor Certification. Basically I had to demonstrate that I could dance, teach, and technically/theoretically understand 10 dances (5 steps in each with anywhere from 2-5 variations on each step, both as a man and a lady). It has definitely taken some work for me to become proficient in Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Hustle, Mambo, Merengue, and Samba. I was nervous about the last part I had to do in front of my boss; when I got home that day Nicholas had brought me the most beautiful tulips to congratulate me. :) I think he is trying to win husband of the year again...however Koshka is not currently in the running for cat of the year because she ate a few of the tulips while we were sleeping. All in all though, we have had a good couple of weeks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Attention all blog readers...if there are any

Hello! I announced I was going to do a triathlon and not a single person commented? I mean seriously, does anyone even read this old blog? I know our life isn't super exciting, but it is all we got. I read your blogs...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

400 M Swim, 12 Mile Bike, 3.3 Mile Run

Three years ago I did the impossible- due to the Christensen Family Challenge I became a runner. Now I am not a fast runner, but I have completed a few races...including one half marathon that was more than enough! However as I have plateaued, I have been looking for ways to kick my rear in gear again. That is why I am proud to announce to the world (and thus really committing to follow through with it) that I will be participating in a mini/sprint triathlon at the end of May!

I have managed to talk two girls at work into doing it with me, however none of us have actually signed up we will see who actually crosses that finish line! Nicholas is thinking about doing it as well, however he is taking the GMAT the Saturday before the race and therefore doesn't know if he can't fit it into his schedule to prepare for both. Hopefully this won't be my only tri (I am hoping it isn't that terrible) so he could maybe join me on another one.

Now my only real goal is to drowning aloud! I begin my official training schedule next wish me luck and stay tuned for updates about how tired I am! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nick has another fan!

Nicholas has always been a hit with all of his nieces and Olivia is no different. We went over the weekend she was born (got there about 36 hours after) to see the new star. We both enjoyed getting to hold her and couldn't believe how tiny people start out!

Livi was very content to be passed around...which I am afraid she will just have to get used to! I of course was manning the camera most of the weekend and thus all of our pics are Nicholas and the two Cosby girls...but I promise I was there!

*I love this one where she looks like she is thinking!*