Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hooks Airport Open House

So one day while we were running errands I saw a sign for an open house at this little airport that is just a couple miles away from us.  I wondered what it would be and was thinking we should check it out...and then I got an email about it from my playgroup leader which solidified my decision.

It was actually a great day for it...slightly overcast and not quite as stifling as it can be in late September.  It actually sprinkled a little bit while we were there but we just took cover in the main hanger for a few minutes until it passed.  Leo loved it!  It was great that it only took like 5 minutes to drive there...and then it was great to have somewhere to just let him roam free and explore.

He was kind of timid at first- which is becoming a theme lately- but warmed up and loved wandering around and checking out all of the planes, helicopters, and especially fire trucks that were there. 

It took far too long to get him to actually touch the propeller for the picture above...I don't know why he is becoming such a scaredy cat lately!  I mean I would never say that he has been a huge daredevil, but he is way too afraid of silly things now!  Really hoping this is just a phase...  On the other hand, he wanted his picture taken by every single wheel of this fire truck.  We actually happened upon this one volunteer firefighter that was way too anxious to show off the truck and he took us to a big ladder truck that was over on the side, not in the main arena with the planes and other emergency vehicles, so Leo could explore all by himself!  It was awesome :)

Leo loved getting to actually climb in this airplane!  And I will say that Nick and I both had just as much fun as he did looking at all of the airplanes and watching our little man explore to his heart's content.

Leo really loved watching some of the planes take off and land...and especially the one that stopped to get fuel!  (We play gas station about a million times every day at home!)

And the most unexpected thing we saw was right as we were walking out...a PIG!  In a stroller!?!  Pretty sure it was time to call it a day after that!  We had a really great time and didn't spend a dime which was awesome.  Plus it only took a few minutes in the car to get there.  So glad that we decided to check it out!