Friday, September 19, 2008

thursday bloody thursday

I actually quite dislike U2, however their song title- or a variation of it- seemed to fit.  Yesterday, and continuing this morning, I have had a bloody nose!  I think I can count all of the times I have ever had a bloody nose on one hand, and now it has gone two days!  It doesn't really bleed has just been itchy and I have had to blow it a lot and that is where I have found blood.  Weird, huh?

On another note, as if I needed any more reasons this week as to why I am an idiot, I locked my keys in my car last night...when I was parked in the garage!  Out of habit from parking at home I left my keys in the cupholder and out of habit from parking anywhere else I pushed the lock button when I was getting out.  I was so exhausted and I really just wasn't paying attention.  But this morning as I was in the bath- to try and relieve the stress and exhaustion- my mom had to come get me because she needed to take my car and couldn't find my keys.  I got out to help her look and found them right in their spot in the cupholder.  We searched for a backup, even though I know that I haven't had that extra key in quite some time.  Eventually I had to call a locksmith...being dumb is so annoying (and costly) sometimes! 

We finally saw The Women tonight and it was a little different than I was thinking, but a good story about relationships and such.  Interestingly enough, my mom pointed out after that there was not even one man in any of the background shots!  It was a movie of completely women! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tuckered out!

i am not trying to toot my own horn (because i have done plenty of really stupid things the last few days) but i have run five miles each morning for the last four days in a row!!!  the weather has been so pleasant and cool here that we can sleep in and still run...that part is great.  today we even got talking about modernity- my specialty- and thus i rarely thought about my running.  

i also went in to the studio today to do a staff workout- i was "prepared to sweat" as i had been instructed and arrived in my workout gear and athletic shoes.  the rest of the staff was in their dance shoes and slacks...i felt a bit sheepish, but i could grapevine faster than them anyway!  when i go in tomorrow i will for sure be appropriately dressed.  i came home and changed into a skirt for the party tonight and am starting to make some friends there at the studio...Paul- a forty something jolly obese man with a beard- is kind of my buddy.  he calls me "professor".  there were a few younger guys there too tonight and unfortunately they still had to learn that i was "taken".  woohoo!  less a month now!

so between my knee aching from running, my mind crazy with wedding details, and my feet sore from dancing in heels, i am ready to turn in tonight!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a storm is brewing...

well, gustav did not hit houston and thus ike is trying to make up for it. it sounds like ike is heading straight for us, well a little bit south, but the storm will give us plenty of rain and wind! eveyone down here is going nuts trying to prepare- grocery stores and gas staions have lines as far as you can see and so my mom and i hit the mall, which was like a ghost town! we did wait in a line for awhile at the gas station to top off our tank on the way home and also rented a couple of movies from redbox in preparation of the satillite going out. i took some pictures while we were out running errands- the one is of no bread on the shelves at kroger and the other is of the crazy check out lines that went all the way through the isles to the back of the store at heb.

other than that, i am posting some long over-due pictures...nicholas and isabelle playing chase at my cousin casey's wedding, isabelle taking a bath in my bathtub, one from my bridal shower last week given by my mom's friend tammy, isabelle's cart she filled at the disney store, and nick and isabelle holding hands. isabelle was quite smitten with "neek-oh-lus" :)

my bridal shower was very nice- tammy did a lot of work including hand-sewing little dresses out of satin to put some treats in and give as favors. i got many very nice presents and the food was great...including some amazing little jalapeno and bacon stuffed croissant things.

yesterday i went to the arthur murray studio here in cypress to see where i will be working...i stayed for the group hustle lesson and the party where i danced with all sorts of weird men! it was fun to be dancing again and my feet are getting used to spinning in those heels again :)