Tuesday, May 27, 2008

productive lazy summer days

i actually manage to get quite a bit done in an average day even though i am not locked in to a rigid schedule. i sleep, i exercise, i eat, i read, i talk, i shop, i watch, i email, i search, i check, i cook, i bathe, i clean, i relax, i organize, i help, i quilt, i blog. sounds like an ad for apple, huh? still no jobs in sight though and i honestly have been searching. i am not looking for my dream job but just a little something i could do here or there to pass some time and make some money. i have applied for everything under the sun...maybe tomorrow something will come :)

yesterday was memorial day and i actually did go visit a couple of cemetaries to visit my relatives. i took patriotic pinwheels to decorate the graves with as i wanted to take something but didn't really see a ton of flower money in the budget. it was pretty cold and rainy during the day, but the sun came out in the early evening...just in time to set. we tried to go see Prince Caspian, but it was sold out. i am not really into narnia and so i was not too terribly disappointed. instead nick and i worked on resumes and job hunting and watched Enchanted and a little hockey. today we are going to home depot to pick out some new appliances for his apartment- his dad owns it and is doing some fix-it type stuff as they are now looking to sell it because nick is done with school.

only 12 more days until my birthday!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

good to be...home?

"home" is a relative term i guess. i am back in provo and it is nice to be back in the swing of things...even though my mother called to tell me that my flowers from nicholas which i left at home look even more beautiful than when i left- yeesh, thanks! :) i don't go to school and i have no job, yet, so my days are filled with doing all sorts of things everyone wishes they had time for...it is lovely thus far. i take time to make real meals- my fish tacos for lunch yesterday were pretty good if i can say so myself. last night i did have fruity pebbles and honey ice cream though for dinner- but that was purely by choice.
i cut up a whole big watermelon and have been eating it for the last few days...it is so good and makes me excited for summer. my roommate actually saw me cutting it up and said that i had a real knack for it and was the best watermelon cutter she had ever seen. i was just doing what i had always seen done by my mom- cut it into rings and then cut off the rind and then cube it...all while picking out the seeds with the end of the knife.
yesterday i went shopping with nicholas- he wants/needs a new suit and so we went looking around. you should be very proud...we went to the mall and i did not even look at one thing for me! i mean, we did not even go in to BR...that is pretty dang grown-up restraint right there! well, i did end up showing him just one sparkly thing i wanted, but he asked :) the day was made complete with the swedish fish we got when we ran through the wilk. i still kind of have to chew them with my front teeth as they get stuck in my wisdom teeth holes, but they are still the best candies i know of. i would recommend that you go get some right now!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

one more reason to be crazy over nicholas...

monday was my mom's birthday and a long flower box got delivered to our door in the morning- she thought it was for her and then in a minute she read the box and it had my name on it. she thought that i had sent them to her...then she realized that they were actually to me! nicholas had sent me flowers to help keep me smiling even though i had my wisdom teeth out. they are absolutely gorgeous today after opening up a bit- simply amazing. the colors are so vibrant! i will be sad to leave them tomorrow night when i go home, however i am looking forward to seeing nicky in person :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

so long wisdom...

(my swelling thus far, holding ice on my cheeks, our great invention- a tulle bow to keep the ice in place)
i remember vividly when i discovered my wisdom teeth were coming in- it didn't hurt but i could feel something behind my furthest tooth on the back when i was in the classroom part of drivers ed and i went to the bathroom to look at it. i didn't know what it was and got many opinions of my classmates before determining that it indeed was my first wisdom tooth. that was almost a whole seven years ago...so why didn't we get them taken care of then? my dentist thought i had room and they were straight, which i do and they are, but this new dentist thinks that they are eventually going to have problems and it is just easier the younger you are to get them out...less chance of breaking your jaw or through some sinus cavity bone.

my appointment was at 8:30 in the morning today and so the whole not eating for so many hours before wasn't really a problem. i remember everything until they gave me the iv...including the doctor and two nurses singing God Bless America which i know sounds odd but was not a result of my mind on drugs. they put the iv in and then told me it would be about two minutes- i was looking at a clock on the wall, upside down mind you, and i remember saying that it had been one minute and then nothing else until i was at home. i remember thinking it was weird that i sat in the backseat on the way home and i recall asking for "puppy" (my baby blanket that i still sleep with every single night), but other than that i dont remember anything until i woke up around eleven. then i was awake and have been pretty much all day. i have taken little naps here and there, but today i could only have transparent liquids and i just realized that the cranberry juice i have been drinking all day was a cran-energy drink :) no wonder i have been up and walking around and wrapping presents and talking on the phone and such.

the stiches on my bottom right have already pulled out and you can see a big hole- but they really haven't hurt too much today as i have been pretty good about taking my pain pills every four hours. i have been pretty good too about keeping ice on and off my cheeks too and i know it will get worse before it gets better probably, but it really hasn't been that bad yet. i have had a lot to drink today but nothing to eat and i am kind of hungry but not really starving or anything. i watched a lot of tv today...The Kid in parts and Return to Me and college Jeopardy and Oprah's favorite summer things (even though i really do not care for oprah one bit).

anywho, that was my experience! everyone has told me theirs and i have promised not to be one of those people who tell their experience over and over and so here it is documented for once!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

mcdonalds emergency!

today only if you buy a drink at mcdonalds you get a chicken sandwich FREE! it is their new promotion for their new southwest chicken or something, but it is only today and so everyone should go! we went for breakfast and got three chicken biscuits...yum! i mean it is mcdonalds, but it was pretty good!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

just some random thoughts for all of you who are going through withdrawl...

i have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus...sometimes i just never get around to the things i "mean to". this fact is quite sad actually as the only thing i areahave to do right now is do whatever i want. and still thank you's don't get written and emails don't get sent, schedules don't get made and i am definitely going to be over budget. i guess it is like what we talked about in sunday school today...no matter how much you do there is always going to be more- even such a simple life can prove to be difficult.
other than that little fit, what else really is there? i am currently at home for a few weeks- tomorrow i am meeting with my oral surgeon who will remove my wisdom teeth on friday. i had a good mother's day with just me and my parents...my dad gave an excellent talk in church today. i accidentally took a long nap this afternoon and now i am positive that i will have trouble, as always, falling asleep tonight, and perhaps more importantly- waking up to run! saturday's run seemed forever long and i would have stopped thirteen times had i not been with my mom who just kept going.
nicholas is on vaccation as well right now and i am happy that he is getting to spend some time with his friends and family- however i am not really all that thrilled that today will be the second whole day i have not spoken to him. i know, i know- woe is me.
i have a toothache (probably from too much chocolate) and am going to floss and go to bed...this whole going to bed early thing is really quite odd.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

great recipe

so i had these great bar cookie things in class one day and i asked the guy who made them what it was and he spitted the recipe out to me- i didn't write it down or anything but just kept it in my head for a few days and then decided to make it for myself. i will never make it again- because it was so delicious! i could not stop eating it! every time i would walk by the kitchen i would cut off just a tiny little piece until i had pretty much gobbled the whole pan up...well, almost. anywho i am sharing the joy as well as documenting the recipe somewhere so that i have it in the future.

John Gruver's...I can't remember what he called them but something like schmeltys or something that wasn't really a word.
Mix together one yellow cake mix, one stick of butter, and one egg.
Press 2/3 of mixture into a 9x13 pan.
Melt one bag of milk chocolate chips, half a stick of butter, and one can of sweetened condensed milk in a saucepan until smooth.
Pour over mixture in 9x13 pan.
Crumble remaining mixture over chocolate layer.
Bake at 350F for about 20-25 minutes.
(The real trick is to let them sit overnight, or at least a long while, before trying to cut them or the chocolate just runs everywhere.)

i went to the store tonight and was sick from eating a bunch of m&ms and so i didn't buy much- but i did buy horchata and green grapes. this little girl kept coming next to me as i was looking at the grapes and she would look up at me and all around and kept doing it for the longest time...finally she snatched one grape, popped it in her mouth, and ran giggling down an aisle. oh, and those freeze and eat sorbet things i love- there is a new flavor! peach. i got them and will be having one for breakfast in place of my normal italian ice and life...stay posted to hear the verdict.