Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Will I ever catch up?

Okay, so I'm a liar.  I said I was going to catch up on my blog and then summer happened...stomach flus, sinus infections, my grandmother passing away equaling a quick trip to Utah, plus the laziness that comes with the heat and humidity...we have spent our fair share of time at the pool this summer.  Anywho, I got a new phone and tried to get all the pics off of the my old here are a few that are way out of date (we are talking pre-move so we are probably talking last fall and winter.)

Loving the slide...we LOVE playgrounds and can't wait til it is cool enough to go back!

These were from a playdate Leo had with a friend named Kaden.  Kaden was equally obsessed with cars and building a track to race cars on and a wagon ride suited them both just fine.

Leo is still a little techy...he used to get my old laptop, hide, and push the buttons like mad until I found him.  Thankfully now we have figured out that if he just asks nicely first he can have computer time on my real computer that actually works.  He has mastered the touchscreen and the mouse and loves to type his name as well as navigate through

And he is just as handsome as ever!  He requested for a long time to wear a tie like Daddy to church...and I finally got him a regular one...which is good because without a tie he resorted to wearing a "jewelry like Mom" which meant he wore one of my necklaces. ;)  He loves going to nursery at church and is the best singer by-far...I promise I am not just his mother saying that!  Everyone comments on his singing and he really does know all the words to a lot of songs!  

I'd like to say this catch up was going to continue, but a summer vacation to Montana calls to us next week so who knows. I want to catch up and talk about far more exciting things like Leo writing his name and learning to go on the least I have done enough to cross the old blog off my to-do list for today! :)