Sunday, August 19, 2012

18 months of bliss...or something like that!

Leo Vernon
18 months old
26 lbs 14 oz (63rd %)
33.5 inches (81st %)

This is the only picture I have from the day Leo turned 18 months - July 26th, 2012.  He was enjoying some "lucky bread" (zucchini bread) and a few bananas with nutella.  He has beautiful blue eyes just like his daddy and blonde hair just like his mommy- what a perfect mix! 
(Side note: I have blue eyes too but they aren't that blue...his are just so stunning!)

This is a picture from today...almost 19 months...yes, mom needs to stay on top of the blog- it is on my to-do list :)  Leo didn't go to church today because he was running a fever...still is actually.  We are hoping he didn't catch his cousin's germs and that this is unrelated!  Anywho, he was watching a little Baby Einstein after dinner tonight and they just looked too precious- I couldn't resist snapping this picture!  And please notice Nick's beard...I convinced him to not shave til school starts next week!

Leo (or should I say Nick) is very into building forts and ramps these days...and I really can't complain!  It keeps them both occupied, lets me do my work, and Nick voluntarily cleaned the couch cushions after seeing up-close how badly they needed it :)  Win-win-win!

Leo is getting very smart; I am sure every parent thinks their child is a genius but ours really is! ;)  He knows all his numbers 0-10 and can mostly count them in order all by himself.  He has started on letters lately too and has the better part of the alphabet down...the others are hit or miss still.  He loves to identify numbers and letters (not to mention shapes and a few colors) everywhere we go.  Often times it is me who is searching for a letter or number because Leo said it...and I usually find it, super far away or really small or something equally amazing.

 Speaking of identifying things, he is super verbal.  He talks ALL the time and more and more words are becoming clear enough that it isn't just us who understands him.  He repeats every little thing we say and thinks it is funny to call Nick "Nick" like I do.  He loves animals and now calls them by their names instead of just the sounds they make.

He is even starting to put two words together already...the first time he did it I didn't want to believe it because his two words were "no mama".  Great.  Since then though he says things like "Amy house" and "berry blue" and stuff like that.  Today's conversation with Nick (while he was playing with his train that comes apart and needs our help putting it back together ALL the time) went like this..."Train...uh"  Amazing, right?  And so cute!

He isn't an amazing eater- he is really hit or miss.  I am kind of getting the idea that this is part of his personality- love it or hate it.  Some days I can't get him to eat one thing, the next day he will eat more of it than I do.  You really can't go wrong with a Goldfish cracker, yogurt covered raisin, or fruit snack though. And as much as I try he isn't completely sold on meat yet...but really how much can you really enjoy it before you have some good chompers...speaking of...

True to his feast-or-famine personality, Leo gets lots of his teeth at one big miserable time.  His first round came about 9 months-ish when he got 6.  Then he had another round where he got 8 more.  Now he has all 4 molars, 2 of his canine teeth (top), and all 8 of his front teeth.  I am starting to see his bottom canine teeth get close so hopefully they cut through quickly and then we are done for another few months before those other molars are due!

Leo loves being outdoors and his fascination with the wheel is ongoing, thus this little beauty (below) has been one of our best purchases so far.  He loves riding in his wagon and pulling it too...and has only had one major spill out of it so far.  He is really great too to get in his jogging stroller almost every morning and go 3 or 4 miles with me...with plenty of snacks and entertainment of is a workout for sure!  

We can't seem to get enough Elmo around here; some days I wish I had thought of a little red monster to make me millions but most days I am just grateful for him because it means a few minutes of peace and quiet for me to shower after a sweaty run.  So what if I read the same book 30 times in a day and hear cries for "Almo" all day least I am clean!

Leo loves to groom himself- brushing his hair, pretending to clip his nails or letting me do it for real, making Nick hang his head in shame when he tries to put on my makeup...I for one think it is cute when he gets a brush and tries to imitate me, however I don't love the eyelash curler being jammed in my eye when Leo is pretending to do my makeup.  He doesn't love me cutting his hair, which I swear I have to do all the time (I can't stand it when the hair is over his ears or collar!)  He likes washing his hands with soap and rubbing lotion on them too.

He is getting the hang of coloring and LOVES stickers.  I am pretty sure he and I both wear at least one sticker every day.  His coloring is just scribbling but he does try to color certain parts of the picture certain colors which I of course think is amazing.  His favorite crayon is purple and I can not get him to change his mind.  He likes to play with pens too...especially if he can click the end of it.  I am not so much a fan of pens as you can see by my cheek in the picture below :(

 Little Leo was so excited for nursery at church- we had been going for quite awhile for a little bit of play time so he knew they were keeping all the toys in there.  I went with him a couple weeks for the whole time and then subbed in there a time or two as when he actually turned 18 months and could officially be in there alone he had no hesitation.  He literally grabs my hand and pulls me all the way down the hall each week after the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting.  Then he goes right in and finds himself a chair to do puzzles- I tell him if he needs me that he can come get me and he says "deal" and then pays me no attention.  He is always excited to see me when I pick him up and VERY excited to go find Dad, but so far he really likes playing with other germy kids!  
(I was in there long enough to know that he is not good at sitting through the lesson, however not many of the boys in the younger group are.  He only eats the grain of the snack, loves singing and bubble time, and plays with just about every single car in there.)

He loves to try and be like Daddy- here he is wearing one of Nick's shoes.  Whenever we get him dressed for church in a button-up shirt he smiles and says "dada".  And when my sister Tara sent him some plaid shorts he called them "dada shorts".  

 Leo LOVES to read and gladly welcomes anyone who will read to him.  He was onto Clifford books for a bit, but now Elmo reigns supreme! (As well as anything with a car, truck, train, or animals- especially farm ones)

I'm sure there are SO many other things I would love to remember about Leo at this stage, but it is late and I'm tired and can' this will have to do for now!  He is so fun right now and such a grown up little guy.  I love him being my buddy!

Friday, August 10, 2012


Hallelujah!  We made it through this crazy summer internship and I am happy to report Nicholas will be glued to Leo and me for the next two whole weeks before school starts.  To be honest this summer wasn't as bad as I was anticipating, however I am really glad to not have to sleep in a different bed every couple of nights...comfy as they were :)