Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sweet baby June - Part 2

We checked into Willowbrook Methodist about 5:30am on Monday, August 18th ready to be induced.  It actually took a little while before they called us back in and I was wondering why we got up so early if they weren't even ready for us?!?  Once they called me back I got changed and all that and had a really nice nurse named Estelle (I'm pretty sure).  She basically just got me all hooked up to  the pitocin and everything and drew blood and such and then it was time for a shift change (7am).  To be honest I was a bit disappointed because she was such a good nurse and seemed to be so genuine and caring...but I lucked out and got another awesome nurse named Kathy.  Kathy had a young guy shadowing her for the day which I thought would bug me more...but I guess when you are in labor things like that don't really phase you anymore!

The dreaded "before" picture

I was still measuring about 3cm but the pitocin was helping the contractions come quick.  I was surprised at how much Kathy wanted me to move around...they didn't really give me options like that with Leo.  I was sitting on the yoga ball when my mom came and joined me and Nick. We watched some of Good Morning America which I was glad to see because usually it gets interrupted a million times and then switched to the Disney channel.  My doctor asked the on-call doctor to break my water to get things going...and so Dr. Geddy came and broke my water around 8 I think.  When he first came in he said we were going to have a big baby...and then afterwards he said that maybe it was just fluid because there was lots.  Turns out I am lucky enough to carry a lot of fluid AND a big baby!  That part was not super comfortable but felt SO much better when it was done.  I am convinced that my water just won't break on its didn't with Leo either.  I was carrying a lot of water both in the amniotic sac and in my legs and it felt so good to be rid of at least some of it.

After that things moved quickly.  The contractions started to get immediately more intense and frequent and I wasn't sure when to ask for the epidural.  With Leo it took all day so I wasn't super prepared for a quick labor, even though I was anticipating it being not quite as long.  About 9am I decided it was time...and they finally got there about 9:20.  It was about 9:40 before it was in and done, and about 10 before I was really numb.  I definitely wasn't as numb as I was with Leo, but it made it a lot better.  They were going to wait a little longer to put the catheter in so that I was more numb...but little Junie arrived before they could even do it!  At this point I was about 7cm dilated.

I had been laying on my right side and Kathy wanted me on my left.  I rolled over and was pretty uncomfortable the whole time I was on that side.  It wasn't as bad as pre-epidural, but there was so much pressure that I really kept feeling like I wanted to roll back to the right side.  When Kathy came in to check on me she could tell I was uncomfortable and I told her I thought I maybe should roll back over.  We started to and then she decided to check me and see where we were at...and we were all the way dilated to a 10 already.  She had called my doctor a little earlier and we were waiting for her to come.  I was happy that Kathy wasn't acting like I needed to wait for the doctor if I felt like I needed to push...but I still just didn't realize it was that close!

My doctor rushed in and I thought we were kinda just going to push once to see where we were at. I pushed once and took a breath and then pushed again...and she was out! Like I said, I labored all day with Leo and then pushed about an hour and a half with him so I wasn't mentally prepared for such a quick labor. On that second push I felt like crying and as soon as she came out the tears just started flowing.  I was so excited and relieved that she was here!

They put her up on my chest while they wiped her off a bit and then left her there for a long time while they cut the cord and cleaned me up and stuff.  They had done that with Leo too but not for as long.  We tried to feed and everything before they finally took her out of my arms to put a diaper on her and weigh her. (This resulted on me and my gown being covered with meconium, but you definitely don't mind a silly thing like that at a moment like that!)  We gave our guesses on weight...I had initially thought 9 lbs 4 oz but once I held her she seemed so small so I changed my guess to 8 something.  Even Kathy guessed 8 something...but then we put her on the scale and....

Baby Girl Vernon
9 lbs 4 oz
21.5 inches long
10:58 am

Well, my hope of Leo being a fluke was dashed.  I just make big babies I guess!  At least I can deliver them as well and haven't needed a c-section...yet.  I was shaking a little after Nick left with our little girl to the nursery...I think I was just a little shocked that it all happened so quick.  Kathy got me cleaned up and into the wheelchair to head to recovery.  Once I was there my dad joined us and then he and my mom ran to get lunch...which was a good thing because my hospital meal got lost or something.  My recovery nurse finally ordered it again and got it to me but it was almost dinner time by then!  An Arby's sandwich and banana milkshake from Sonic was good enough for me!  I had some good recovery nurses that I want to remember, but that is another post!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Welcome to the world sweet baby JUNE!

Part One

Well she is 6 weeks old and I have been wanting to document her birth story for weeks while it was still fresh...but having 2 kids is a little bit of an adjustment!  Better late than never right?  (Oh and by the way...did I ever even post that we were expecting???  I can't really remember...ah to be the second child!)

Some other day I will have to write some of my feelings about her pregnancy...I had plenty this time around ;)  But I want to write down her delivery more while it is fresh.  I went back and read Leo's on my blog a bit ago and remembered so many things I had forgotten.  You think you will remember!

August 7th

Go in for an appointment...figuring that since I almost went to the ER a few days before because I thought we may be in labor that we would definitely be having her soon.  3cm dilated and carrying a ton of water, not to mention measuring at 40 weeks already even though they have me down at 37.  Doctor agrees with me that it is time and tells me we will induce in the morning.  I feel relieved and excited and head to my car with the good news...but then they call me back in and say that my doctor consulted with a specialist at the hospital and they advised to not induce yet because I am not 39 weeks (to HAD been 39 weeks since my last period but they pushed my gestational date back 2 weeks after the first ultrasound...just like Leo).  So they send me to the hospital for a nonstress test and tell me to put my feet up, take it easy...

August 11th

My grandma's birthday so I'm really hoping today is the day.  I go in for another appointment and nonstress test...nothing much has changed.  I feel like she is going to fall out and am SUPER miserable...I plead with the doctor to induce me but now since now "polyhydramnios" is written on my chart and they won't touch me until I at 39 weeks on their chart.  They tell me to hang in there and go home and put my feet up.  Yeah, right.

It was a long week after that.  I try everything I can to self-induce (short of drinking castor oil) but mostly just end up tired and sore from so much walking.  Sleeping was a joke and I was trying to talk myself in to believing that I really was going to have to wait until the 18th when they would induce me to meet my little girl while still holding out hope that she was going to arrive any minute.

August 17th

I go to church...I really don't want to, but I haven't had the baby yet so what else do I do?  I am uncomfortable all throughout Sacrament, have periods where I realize I am holding my breath in Sunday School because I am in pain, and barely make it down the hall when we split into our classes in Young Women's.  By the time I find Nick after church I tell him it is time to go to the hospital.  I wasn't sure that it was really time, but I was miserable enough at that point to go find out.

We went home and got Leo a snack while we grabbed our bags and then met my parents at the hospital.  They played with Leo (turns out he is a really great wheel-chair driver) while we go in and get checked out.  The nurse was not my favorite and was none too sympathetic.  Of course the pain was a little better by now, unfortunately, and we watch my contractions on the monitor come and go.  They weren't close enough together and so, since I had an appointment to be induced the next morning, they send me home.

We went to Amy's for dinner and then got Leo ready for bed there.  We tucked him into bed in her guest room for his much anticipated sleep-over and headed home, sad to say goodbye to our baby forever...we knew the next time we saw him he was going to seem like such a huge kid compared to his tiny baby sister. That was a long night.  And short all at the same time.  I actually slept fairly decently and woke at 4am to start getting ready to go check in to Methodist Willowbrook for our appointment to be induced at 5:30.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt at Grammies'

Grammie hosted an Easter egg hunt for the grandkids on the Saturday before Easter.  Leo was so excited and talked about it non-stop for at least a week beforehand!  Every night before bed when I would tell him what day it would be in the morning he would continue listing the days until Saturday and then say "and then we can have the hunt!"  

We skipped nap and headed over as soon as we got our yardwork done- first to Bahama Bucks and then to Grammie's back patio for the yummy traditional Easter Saturday picnic- fire roasted hot dogs, shrimp salad, fruit & chips.  Then we distracted the kids a bit while Tara and Amy hid eggs in the front yard.  Grammie gave the rules and then they were off!  (The rule was that Leo could get 25 eggs...and he told us that many times for many days.)

After all the eggs were found, we returned to the back patio to open them and see all of the goods.  We were happy Tara could fly over to be with us for the weekend and Leo was happy to let her help empty all of his eggs.  

Despite the weird timing on some of my pictures, all of the kids were thrilled to find their eggs were stuffed with lots of candy and even a few dollars!  We then exchanged some Easter treats & gifts (including our baby girl's first Easter basket, complete with a tutu...oh, here we go!)  and then we played in the backyard and went on a walk/bike ride.  We ended up stopping and playing at the park for awhile- the weather was just perfect- and we spotted a turtle under the playground that we decided probably couldn't get out of the mulch.  Grandpa decided to pick it up and walk it down to the little pond area...the kids were so excited to watch that Livi got a little too close and fell in!  After that we hurried back home so they could all take a bath (and Livi could get the pond scum out of her was seriously nasty water) and put on new Easter pajamas before heading home so the Easter bunny could visit and hopefully fill our baskets :)  Leo was zonked within a minute of being in his bed from a fun and exhausting day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Money well-spent

Look at that tongue!
Leo got a sand table for his birthday (in January) and has been dying for it to get warm enough to use it.  I finally bought a bag of sand a few weeks ago and he has been in pure heaven ever since!  So far he is pretty diligent about the "sand rules" and thus we haven't had much tracked into the house...hallelujuh.  

The best part is that it is on the back porch right out the kitchen window so I can see him while I make dinner- a win/win situation for us!  (Unfortunately I recently learned he can open the gate so sending him out there doesn't mean he stays just in the backyard...I've already bought a different lock for the gate to remedy this problem so now I just have to get out there are install it.)  Luckily for us, the back porch is shady in the afternoon and I foresee many hours this summer spent playing with sand!  So far I would definitely call it a good investment :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Leo and Livi

These two.  Trouble if I've ever seen it. :)  We went to take a few pics of Belle and these two tagged along on their bikes.  Love this pic!  You would have thought I would have staged it- you know, told them to both put one hand on the handlebars and the other on the seat, inside legs up on the pedal, etc.  It was just too randomly perfect to not brag about :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Leo 3.0

It is insane that my little boy has turned 3 years old!  I remember thinking about writing a post about him at two years old...and I still haven't gotten there!  Ha.  So here are some things I want to remember about Leo at 3.

This kid LOVES his bike!  He started riding on an old hand-me-down bike last summer and has really come to be quite good at it.  He has already begged for me to take his training wheels off, which I declined for now.  I think he would be just fine to be on his bike from sun up to sun down if I let him.  We are lucky to live in a cul-de-sac where he has lots of room to ride and good neighbor kids to play with.  I am so glad it is getting warmer so we can spend lots of our day outside.  He also loves riding the tricycle and scooter that we borrowed from Livi.

He still loves Daniel Tiger on PBS and has more recently gotten into Thomas the Train.  I think he'd watch Word World every day, unfortunately it is only on once a week now and I can only stand watching the same episodes so many times.

Speaking of Thomas, he has developed a love of trains that matches his love of cars, almost.  He knows all of the different trains on Thomas (I can't tell most of them apart) and knows exactly which ones he hopes to get next.  He got a train table and train set for Christmas and has spent many hours pushing those trains around the tracks.  I'm glad we don't have to live at Barnes and Noble anymore :)  However he still has a soft spot for anything with wheels!  He loves when we have to get the oil changed or tires rotated and thought it was awesome when Nick's car wouldn't start and got to ride on a tow truck.  (Past bedtime on the other side of Houston, we didn't think that was quite as fun...)

Leo is funny.  And he wants to be funny, which is funny.  He is usually so happy and is always coming up with new ideas for us.  He is considerate and very thoughtful for a 3 year old.  He says "please" and "thank you" almost all of the time and will put his dishes in the sink when he is done.  And he is SO loving!  He frequently takes breaks from whatever he is doing to come tell me he loves me or give me a hug.  He says "I love you" at least two dozen times a day and fights with me often over who loves who more.  He loves to hug and cuddle but has recently started designating only one day a week where he leaves my kisses on...all of the other days he wipes them off.  Below he is insisting to carry my purse for me and cuddling with Dad when they had a sleepover in his room...all part of a very elaborate plan to work up to camping in a tent :)


He LOVES letters.  He has known his alphabet for quite some time now and is always trying to sound out words.  He pretends to read all of the time and my favorite is when he tries to make up what is on the back of the usually is something like "this sturdy book is the best in the whole wide world and is good for kids who like to read and..."

So far he can write 18 of his letters so that you can tell what they are every time (since I started working on this post like a week ago he has pretty much mastered all 26 letters...he loves to practice writing!)  The others I am sure will be quick to come...he is mostly mad at me that I want to only focus on practicing one new letter a day.  Just today we wrote numbers 1-10.  He very clearly can write his name and can spell "Leo Vernon" by himself.  Again,  he is mad at me that I haven't taught him "Nicholas" yet.

His drawings are getting more fun- he has started doing his version of a person and a car.  He loves drawing on his magnadoodle and with a pen if I ever give him one.  He is dying to go to "real school" (not pretend school or pre-school) and when I ask him what he'll do there he says "learn with my friends".  I just love his sweet innocence, not to mention his love for learning :)

 Leo loves rules and is always very concerned about who is following the rules.  We are lucky and able to do so many things because he is very cautious and worried about doing things as I've said. Like bake.  He loves to bake and is pretty good at doing it without making a mess.  He is not interested in anything that gets his hands messy but can stir just about anything and keep it all in the bowl.  He also loves to play board games and is very good at following the instructions on how to really play.  He is getting better at pretending (thanks Livi!) but is very concerned with making sure everyone knows it is just pretend.


He loves bath time, although he will take a shower if he has to.  He loves his bedtime routine and can tell anyone exactly what to do and in what order.  He loves reading a story before bed and is getting really good at saying his own prayers.  Below: bath time and new birthday jammies from Grammie.

For his birthday Leo got two new books from Grandma Lyndy and Grandadoo: Steam Train, Dream Train and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site.  They are really cute books and great for reading before bed.  Leo already has them both completely memorized!  And these aren't tiny little board books!  For awhile I couldn't understand what he was always mumbling under his breath but then I would recognize it as a stanza from one of the books.  He is a funny little guy with a real knack for memorization!  Now most nights he "reads" to us.

Oh and does this boy love his daddy!  I frequently tell Nick to never do anything wrong because I'm pretty sure Leo would follow him through fire.  He can't wait for Dad to get home from work every day and I don't think he'd miss me if I was missing on the weekends when Dad is home to play ALL DAY!  Consequently and obviously, Leo is a Broncos fan.  And even though they lost, we had to show our Bronco support in the Super Bowl with some new jammies...although Leo did take a break from the game to play Eric Carle's ABC game...which we play at least a few times every single day. I told you, we LOVE letters around here.

Leo was so proud to turn 3 so that he could go into his gym class by himself.  Up until now we have been doing the mommy & me gymnastics class and I was worried about the transition, but he is thrilled to go in by himself...and I enjoy the little break I get to just sit and watch!  He normally isn't the most daring kid around, and I doubt ever will be, but he is getting more brave in his class and I love to see him conquer not only new physical feats but his own fear too.  And he can somersault like no one's business :)

We are currently in transition to a big bed.  He loved his crib and never tried to get out so we let him stay in it until now.  We have taken the side off and put the toddler rail on and he has done awesome-  he is so excited about his new bed.  And so far he has done really well with the clock we put in his room so that he stays in his bed all night.  This week we took the toddler rail off his bed completely so it is basically just like a  mini daybed.  He still is doing awesome and is excited for his "own bigger bed".

Leo is getting so independent.  He has mastered going to the bathroom by himself (angles singing) and can get undressed by himself.  He can put his shoes on put all his dishes away out of the dishwasher.  We haven't given him any formal chores yet because he is always so excited to help with anything.

Did I say he loved his dad?  Here he is on Valentine's Day when we decorated Dad's car at the park-n-ride and him using his new "shaving" kit he got for Christmas.

He is a master of technology, like all kids these days, and has no trouble using a mouse, touchpad, ,or touchscreen.  He frequently tells me he has a message he needs to text to someone and asks for my phone.  I am happy though that he really doesn't seem to be addicted and want screen time all day long...except for when he is sick.  Below he is catching some early morning cartoons after a long, sickness-filled night.  All four of us cuddled in my bed and it felt like heaven on earth :)

Leo loves church.  Period.  He loves wearing special church clothes like Dad.  He loves going to his nursery class.  He loves getting to take his turn passing the bread and water trays.  He loves going to find a seat in chapel.  He loves singing the songs.  And lately he especially loves when Dad takes him to the bathroom at church and he gets to use the special potty...aka urinal.  Ha!  And all in all I have to admit he is really great at church and is dang cute when he is all spiffed up :)

Last week, even though Leo had pneumonia, we stayed up late to go to the big Pinewood Derby race that the cub scouts were having.  Leo thought is was great to stay up late, go in his jammies, eat treats, and watch cars race!  We had a pretty fun time with him too.  He is really at such a fun age where he isn't completely a rat yet but is definitely old enough to enjoy some fun things.  I'm sad for the day when he doesn't think his dad and I are the most awesome friends!  

Of course I am his mom and I think he is amazing and I could brag about him forever, but I have to actually publish this post sometime.  There is just so much I want to remember about this age!  Leo is such a sweet boy and we are definitely loving being 3 :)