Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt at Grammies'

Grammie hosted an Easter egg hunt for the grandkids on the Saturday before Easter.  Leo was so excited and talked about it non-stop for at least a week beforehand!  Every night before bed when I would tell him what day it would be in the morning he would continue listing the days until Saturday and then say "and then we can have the hunt!"  

We skipped nap and headed over as soon as we got our yardwork done- first to Bahama Bucks and then to Grammie's back patio for the yummy traditional Easter Saturday picnic- fire roasted hot dogs, shrimp salad, fruit & chips.  Then we distracted the kids a bit while Tara and Amy hid eggs in the front yard.  Grammie gave the rules and then they were off!  (The rule was that Leo could get 25 eggs...and he told us that many times for many days.)

After all the eggs were found, we returned to the back patio to open them and see all of the goods.  We were happy Tara could fly over to be with us for the weekend and Leo was happy to let her help empty all of his eggs.  

Despite the weird timing on some of my pictures, all of the kids were thrilled to find their eggs were stuffed with lots of candy and even a few dollars!  We then exchanged some Easter treats & gifts (including our baby girl's first Easter basket, complete with a tutu...oh, here we go!)  and then we played in the backyard and went on a walk/bike ride.  We ended up stopping and playing at the park for awhile- the weather was just perfect- and we spotted a turtle under the playground that we decided probably couldn't get out of the mulch.  Grandpa decided to pick it up and walk it down to the little pond area...the kids were so excited to watch that Livi got a little too close and fell in!  After that we hurried back home so they could all take a bath (and Livi could get the pond scum out of her was seriously nasty water) and put on new Easter pajamas before heading home so the Easter bunny could visit and hopefully fill our baskets :)  Leo was zonked within a minute of being in his bed from a fun and exhausting day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Money well-spent

Look at that tongue!
Leo got a sand table for his birthday (in January) and has been dying for it to get warm enough to use it.  I finally bought a bag of sand a few weeks ago and he has been in pure heaven ever since!  So far he is pretty diligent about the "sand rules" and thus we haven't had much tracked into the house...hallelujuh.  

The best part is that it is on the back porch right out the kitchen window so I can see him while I make dinner- a win/win situation for us!  (Unfortunately I recently learned he can open the gate so sending him out there doesn't mean he stays just in the backyard...I've already bought a different lock for the gate to remedy this problem so now I just have to get out there are install it.)  Luckily for us, the back porch is shady in the afternoon and I foresee many hours this summer spent playing with sand!  So far I would definitely call it a good investment :)