Saturday, February 28, 2015


Leo has become a great little reader lately. I am constantly  surprised at all of things he can read. He definitely has an interest in all things scholastic and is counting down til he can go to real school himself. (He told me this week he told his babysitter Ericka that he was in 2nd grade but she didn't believe him. Ha) Leo has quiet time every day where he can rest or read and all of the additional practice is definitely showing!  

One of my favorite things is when he reads to June...she just eats it up!  Tonight he read her a scripture story before bed :) Love these two!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine Sugar Cookies

I am failing at my goal of blogging once a week, but at least there is improvement I guess.  Valentine's seemed extra busy this year and we had treats coming out of our ears.  Still, baking heart shaped sugar cookies is a tradition that I remember doing every Valentine's in my memory and so we pulled out the cookie cutters on Friday.  I had mixed the dough up Thursday night and Leo got to roll to his heart's delight when June went down for her afternoon nap on Friday.  He was so thrilled to use not only my heart cookie cutters but his too (that belong in his play kitchen in the playroom).  

The smell of the dough reminds me of my grandma and I had fun telling Leo stories about how I would pass these same cookies out to everyone when I was little...his favorite was that I gave my bus driver one!  I told him about how I baked one for every person in my ward at college one year (I can't remember how many but like 160 or something) and even wrote all of their names on them in icing.  It is fun to have someone to share my traditions with!  Even though Valentines was pretty hectic yet uneventful this year, it is still one of my favorite holidays and I am glad to have a little one that gets as excited as I do about the little things!  He built me a picture holder at Lowes and made me a necklace out of noodles and string and I gave him a bat for his upcoming season of t-ball :) Leo is the perfect valentine...he is SUCH a lover!