Thursday, March 29, 2012

The War

I feel like I was in a war today...but it was just parenthood. What is the difference again anyway? Leo has recently discovered a serious personality and has opinions on everything. He has learned the word "no" and uses it over and over all day long. My once good eater is totally MIA and I am pretty sure the kid is made up of 80% Fruit Loops. My goals and productivity have totally changed- once upon a time I tried to get a few things done each I just try to survive until bedtime!

I keep trying to remind myself of how sweet a baby he was and that this is surely a phase, but it doesn't make the days go by any faster! And it sure doesn't prevent me from getting my hair pulled or make him not try to jump out of the moving shopping cart. Today just seemed like a long one I guess because it was rainy and so we couldn't kill energy and time at a park like usual. Sigh. Can I just say we are not looking forward to a hot summer? Being able to play outside has been heaven on earth...even if he does get scrapes and ant bites!

But the boy is in bed now- not asleep, but in bed- and I am going to get on my jammies (yes, it is 7:30...but with your baby in bed and your husband gone it isn't like you can go anywhere anyway...may as well be comfy, right?) I am going to pull my hair up into a ponytail, drink a big glass of water, and try to gird up for yet another day of battle. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He had a birthday...shout hooray!

Warning: Be prepared for a lot of pictures! And not very good ones at that...but he is my only baby so you'll have to indulge me :) And yes, I know this is long over-due...

Leo turned 1 year old on January 26th this year. A whole year. We decided to celebrate with a train-themed party, just for family. Leo really liked trains at the time...he still does, however now he is more into the general wheel so it doesn't have to be a train. Let me tell you that boy is obsessed with wheels!!! But that is an entirely different blog post...

For his actual birthday, a Thursday this year, we dressed him in his best duds (joking!) and headed over to McD's and treated him to a happy meal...just me and Nick.

Now I know that seems pretty ghetto, but what kid doesn't love a happy meal?

Plus we are on a budget and all that. And it kind of holds a special place in our hearts...right after giving birth my parents asked me what kind of food I wanted them to go get me (I hadn't eaten all day, remember?) and I was so hungry that I said the biggest thing I could possibly think of...a Big Mac. I had never had one before but it just seemed to fit. So we went and had Big Macs in honor of the day of his birth...and afterwards I told Nick to never let me a Big Mac again. It seemed so good a year ago...

Anywho, then we let him dive in to a little cupcake that I had made when I made his cake for the party...he had to get at least some cake on his real birthday right? He loved the sneak preview :) The following Saturday we had the family that was able over to our place for lunch and presents.

I had a fun time creating a train ticket invitation in photoshop :) I printed them on brownish paper and used a hole punch (punching half-circles along the two short ends) to make them look like an authentic ticket. I was pleased with how they came out.

We hung our birthday banner and set out the spread.

We weren't very fancy, but I had this idea for a cake that I really wanted to try making and I thought it turned out so cute.

When I was working on it I got the idea to hang some "puffs of smoke" from the ceiling with fishing line.

Nick helped me decorate the cake...and engine, animal car, "gravel" car, and caboose.

Chugga chugga woo woo!!!

Now on to the guests! Tara had managed to sneak a quick trip in that weekend...

...and Grammie wouldn't miss it for sure...

...Ben, Isabelle, and Nicholas were thrilled to be there...

...Clifford, of course...

...and Livi, and me, and the birthday boy dressed in his train overalls...

...and Grandpa Elmo too! Amy was there somewhere...I think you can see her in one of the earlier pictures. To be honest my camera is a goner and so most of the pictures are from her, hence why she isn't in them!

Birthday or not, Leo always has a fun time with his cousins around :)

After enjoying some barbeque sandwiches and sides, it was time for presents!

Leo was thoroughly spoiled by family near and far :)

Then we finally dived into the cake! We did that last, well, because I knew a bath would be imminent! There are still traces of that red icing on his high chair!

He was a bit hesitant at first...

...but then he got going and did just fine!

We are so thrilled to have Leo in our family; he is a such a sweet and loving boy and we love him like crazy! Happy birthday little man!